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Sonic Light Space: Multimedia installation using DMX and MIDI for controling light and sound. As control data is transferred via TCP/IP, the installation can be distributed around the whole globe. Pressure sensors fixed on baseplates detect persons on the interaction area and send the data to the master controller PC. Here, the data is evaluated and translated to MIDI- and DMX-commands. The central server contains a configuration interface for changing settings or to visualize the incoming data. Application domains for this particular project could be Virtual Reality installations, music events, education and many more. The project provides a good framework to control other media devices as well.

Insititution: Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
Level: bachelor
Number of persons: 6
Work area: MIDI programming
Year: 2003


Manuela Waldner
MIDI-Programmierung fuer SOLIS
Bachelor's Thesis
February 2004
thesis [PDF - 2.5 MB]

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Manuela Waldner 2004 - 2011