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Optical Magic Lenses

We altered a standard polarization-based passive stereo projection setup and employed a standard LCD panel as a purely optical, tangible magic lens device. Due to the properties of polarized light, the modified passive stereo setup can be used to separate two views - a primary and a secondary layer - of the projected data. A non-powered LCD panel serves as magic lens filter, as it rotates the direction of polarized light 90 degrees, providing the user a different view on the projected data. The system is arbitrarily scalable for multiple users and can be applied to numerous applications.

Insititution: Graz University of Technology
Year: 2007


Manuela Waldner, Michael Kalkusch, Dieter Schmalstieg
Optical Magic Lenses and Polarization-Based Interaction Techniques
In Proceedings of 13th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments / 10th Immersive Projection Technology Workshop (IPT-EGVE 2007)
pages 61-68
July 2007
paper [PDF - 0.3 MB]



Two users interacting with their magic lenses with a maps application (Google Maps snapshots).


Overlaying two heatmap visualizations for direct comparisons of data sets.

3d model inspection.

Inspection of the interior of a 3D model (image sample from 3D Studio Max).

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