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Neon Racer

Neon Racer is a multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) racing game adapting the simple and powerful gameplay of racing games to an AR tabletop setting. The game combines an intuitive and tangible interface with quality content. In this project we explore how a rich gaming experience can be created by using only a limited amount of virtual information. The game compacts the use of virtual elements to a minimum, displaying only the players' racing vehicles and lap checkpoints. The active setting for the game is provided by the physical world, and all its parts can influence gameplay. Physical objects act as collision obstacles and influence the course of the race itself. Participants have to interact with both the virtual and real objects to succeed.

Insititution: Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
Level: master
Number of persons: 5
Work area: obstacle and collision detection, organisation
Link: http://www.neonracer.net
Year: 2005


Wolfgang Litzlbauer, Ines Stuppacher, Manuela Waldner, Markus Weilguny
Neon Racer: Augmented Gaming
In Proceedings of Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics, Cast-Papiernicka Centre, Slovakia (CESCG 2006)
April 2006
paper [PDF - 1 MB]


Top Talent Award 2005
Neon Racer - winner of the Top Talent Award category "games"

Jury Mention Multimedia & e-Business Staatspreis 2006
Neon Racer - jury mention in the category "Foerderpreis"



Playing NeonRacer

Playing NeonRacer

Inside the bar table

A look inside the bar table: A projector, a mirror, a camera, and speakers are hidden inside the table.

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